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Adclerks Honest Review for CPA Paid Marketing or Advertiser


This blog post has mainly focused on adclerks review for advertisers or CPA paid marketing. I read other some blog posts they mainly tried to cover for publishers. In this article I will try to share my exact experience with adclerks. I have ran an ad campaign on I found this website from a Youtuber who was very praise worthy about this website after watching his video I decided to buy ad spaces from this site because the price of ad spaces were cheap. And please read the whole post what happened with me after buying ad spaces. Was it my good or bad decision ?? Main point will be clear if you read the whole post. So if you are a CPA marketer or an Affiliate marketer I think you should read my whole post before running an ad campaign.


Adclerks Review CPA Paid Marketing

adclerks login
                                         Fig: Adclerks Logo
So let’s go to my own case study. You already know that adclerks is an online advertising platform like google adsense, facebook, instagram,, revcontent etc. You can join here with the same account as a publisher and also an advertiser. Here I am talking about the advertiser. In March 6, 2021, I bought three ad spaces from adclerks and I chose three different websites from adclerks to display my CPA offers.

After one or two weeks when I wanted to view my previous completed ad campaign I didn’t find my campaigns because removed my campaign histories. But I bought two ad spaces for 1 month and one ad space for 10k impressions.And so why they removed my campaign histories I don’t know. 

adclerks completed ad campaigns
Figure : Adclerks Completed Ad Campaign

My transaction histories on

I have attached my transaction histories please see this below images.

adclerks transaction histories

adclerks transaction histories or history

adclerks invoice for ad campaign

adclerks review cpa paid marketing
Figure : Adclerks Ad Campaign Transaction Histories

I gave payment through my Payoneer debit card, per ad space rate was $5.0 and also adclerks 5% service charges was included, so per ad space cost was $5.25. As I purchased 3 ad spaces so total amount was $15.75. I bought ad spaces from '' – for Monthly banner display ad, from for 10k impressions, 'Kiss Anime' – for Monthly banner display. I checked the traffic source with similar web. In similar web traffic was 47.21%. and adclerks traffic percentage was 50.40% (traffic rates may vary day by day) . Between 50.40% and 47.21% there is less difference and it is not my concern. However, adclerks showed that traffic comes from USA which was about 6.24% and when I checked traffic percentages with similar web it was about 4.15% (traffic rates may vary day by day) , you know that similar web is a chrome extension which is used for checking any website traffic and also other stats. 

Ok now I am not going to that side. So there is no huge difference between 6.24% and 4.15% (traffic rates may vary ). It is important that minimum buying rate is $5 without service charge. Less than $5.25 (including AdClerks 5% service charge) you can’t buy any ad space. There is different types of ads which are impressions, banner display ads etc. I mainly purchased this two type of ads. is a website from where I bought an ad space for monthly banner display ads. This website is just a simple blogspot webpage contains some cartoon images and this is not like a professional website. When I placed my ad on this website I didn’t find my ad from where they placed my ad and I was totally frustrated. So from my curious I wanted to check their main traffic from which country kissanime is getting more traffics and I was surprised that similar web couldn’t retrieve their traffic sources maybe they didn’t connect their site with google analytics. But in adclerks they showed that their main traffic source is USA and which was 11.34% (traffic rates may vary day by day).

Impressions and Clicks 

It is interesting that I got more than 100k impressions and only got 12 to 13 clicks which was very disappointing. Now I couldn’t show my total impressions and clicks because adclerks deleted my campaigns stats. 

adclerks completed ad campaigns
                             Figure: Deleting Completed Ad Campaign

CPAGrip CPA Offer stats overview

Now I can show you my stats from my CPAGrip account stats overview, it showed that from March 06, 2021 to April 06, 2021 in a whole month I got only 24 views and 9 clicks. But from this site only from this site I got more than 100k impressions. Can you imagine that ?? Only 9 clicks against 100k impressions.  

cpa marketing website cpa grip
Figure: CPA Grip Views,Clicks and Leads Stats

 But it is true that when I go to the I found my ad at the bottom right side corner.

adclerks scam site
Figure: home page

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Most probably adclerks sent bot traffic to my website that’s why I couldn’t generate any leads from my CPA offers. If you are a CPA marketer you will know that what is CPA offer and in a word I will say that I have just wasted my hard earned money investing to this website. I think now you have got an idea this site.

Advertisers and Publishers adclerks reviews on

If you type in google search bar by adclerks review or adclerks reviews you will get more than 18k results. Just go to this website and you will find adclerks review or adclerks reviews is 1.7 out of 5 which is very bad reviews.

adclerks review on trustpilot

adclerks reviews on trustpilot
Advertisers adclerks review

users adclerks review on trustpilot
Figure: Adclerks Reviews based on Trustpilot (Publishers and Advertisers)

Here I added some screenshots from Trust Pilot for your convenience so that you can read the customers or users reviews from my site. And also you can check the adclerks review or adclersks reviews from the above Trust Pilot link. What do you think after reading those reviews from the images ?? Yes, this site is not a legit site at all. Here in my post I just covered the adclerks review or adclerks reviews only for advertisers or CPA Affiliate Marketing. Even some other publishers also couldn’t withdraw their earnings who sell their websites ad spaces on

My Weakness

As I am a CPA Marketer so I ran three ad campaigns on this website instead of Facebook, Google or other giant companies because you know that Facebook and Google don’t allow gift cards offer promotion or they don’t allow directly share affiliate link to their platform. When Facebook or Google will trace that you are promoting the affiliate link or affiliate links on their platform they will immediately suspend your ad account. So I was looking for Facebook or Google alternative ad network or ad networks and then I chose this adclerks scam site. It was my fault because I didn’t more research about this site or didn’t read reviews from other advertisers actually what they said about this site. 

Final Verdict

I will recommend you that before running any ad campaign on any ad network try to know reviews from like Trustpilot or any other trusted review sites or ask a question on any Questions and Answers websites like Quora, Reddit, Social Media groups or any other forum sites. Just don’t depend on any youtuber or website review. Doing more research will help you  to be successful and will never lose your hard earned money. So if  you think my post is a really helpful post for you please leave a comment on the comment section below and please share my blog post on your social profile. Your good comment or suggestion make me more happy to write new post like that.   

Also You can Watch this Video:

Figure: Adclerks Honest Review for CPA Paid Marketing or Advertiser Youtube Video

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