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How to Make Your First Dollar Online

 Hey, you are reading this post because you are interested to make your first dollar online or $1 online with an easy job. This post will help you to make money online. In this post, I will discuss the whole process of how to make your first dollar online. 

Everyone wants to make money online from home. In this process, you don't need any website, no special skills required, no product selling and also no investment. So please keep your patience to read and completely finish the article.

make your first dollar online

How to Make Your First Dollar Online

Now today, I will introduce you to a website maybe you are also familiar with this website. I also worked on this site and made money. This site is microworkers. And also this is a legit site no scam. In microworkers you will get some simple and tiny jobs. And you can do it very easily you don’t need any special skill. There is account creation, simple sign up, apps download, watching youtube videos, youtube likes, comments, subscribes, Facebook post like, survey completion, Instagram follower increasing etc and many more jobs are available here. But before join to the microworkers you have to pass their qualification. You don’t need to worry about this test. It is very easy and simple test that will assess your basic English knowledge and about their platform. Just go to the micro worker's faq page and the page is . Generally, most of the questions come from this faq page and please read their faq page carefully I hope you will get the answers from this page. And there also some grammatical questions if your English grammatical knowledge is enriched you will be able to answers those questions very easily. It is interesting that you don’t need to bid on any project just open the job in a new tab that you think you can do it perfectly. Simply just complete the job and give the relevant screenshots to the clients. When you will open or want to do a job you will find the client's requirements. Just simply finish the job and send your working proof to the clients. Most of the time client asks for a screenshot of your finished job or jobs which I experienced most of the time. From the below image I attached so that you can see my earnings and get inspired. You will learn more about Microworkers from Google search.


make your first dollar online

                    Payment Method for Microworkers:

You need to earn at least $9 + fees (Skrill/ Dwolla - 6.50%, PayPal - 7.50%, Local Funds Transfer via Transpay - 3.00% + $1.00 for Non-USD transfer/$3.00 for USD transfer) to be able to place a withdrawal request. For Payoneer, you need to earn at least $20 + 5.00% fee. Once you reach the minimum amount of withdrawal, click on the Withdraw tab from the top menu, and then click on the ‘Place a New Withdrawal Request’ link. You can choose a withdrawal method: Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers) or Local Funds Transfer via Transpay and Payoneer, as well as the amount you only wish to withdraw. For US citizens, a withdrawal via Dwolla is also possible.

Those information are collected from this link



·       Easy job easy money

·       No special skills required

·       Low payout systems.

·       Legit and 100% trusted site.

·       Working with the same profile as an employer and worker


·       Time wasting

·       Couldn’t grow the new skills

·       Not big amount of income can be made


At the end, I will not recommend you to work on microworkers. There is a first time withdrawal pin activation problem. But don't worry you will get ton of results from google or youtube how to activate pin or waived pin. If you follow the blog post or tutorial you will get the solution for first time withdrawal pin activation problem. Rather than you should try freelancing. If you are really serious about freelancing you should read this article. What is freelancing You can grow up your skills by learning graphics design, UI/UX design, web design and development, SEO, digital marketing etc. those skills have much more demand in freelancing marketplaces. Those are the ideas to make money from home. And also you can try blogging, affiliate marketing, YouTubing, CPA marketing etc. those are the best ways to make money online. But you can try microworker for motivation and get the taste of fast ways to make money online.  

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