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How to Crop an Image in MS Paint


How to Crop an Image in MS Paint

Today I am going to show you How to Crop an Image in MS Paint. Windows MS Paint is a default program and we can use this software as a free cropping tool. So please follow the step-by-step process.

How to Crop an Image in MS Paint

At first, you need to open MS Paint so you have to go to the start menu, and here in Search programs and files just type Paint. And at the upper side, you will find the Paint tool. To open the tool just click on it and it will open. And from the upper left side click on the blue color drop-down menu and from here you will find an open option to insert your image that you want to actually crop. Then click on the open option. Please see the attached screenshots below.

crop your photo

How to crop an image using MS Paint

Figure: Start menu,Paint,Paint Open option

For instance, I want to crop this image. So I will open this image in MS Paint.

how to crop image in ms paint

Figure: Sample image


In another way, we can also open this image in MS Paint. Which is just a single click on that particular image and right-click on the mouse button put your mouse cursor in Open with and click on the Paint tool. Then your photo will be automatically opened in MS Paint like this screenshot.

crop my photo

free cropping tool

Figure: Open with Paint Tool

Now I will crop a particular area from this image. To crop this image I need to select the Rectangular selection from MS Paint. I will use my mouse dragging to select the specific area like this attached image.

free picture cropping

picture cropping tool

Figure: Select Rectangular Selection,Marked part is a specific area

I will click on the crop option and after pressing the crop option image will look like this picture.

image crop tool

free crop picture

Figure: Paint tool crop option,cropped image

Now I will save it. To save the cropped image I need to use the Save or Save As option. But I will not use the only Save option because it will replace my main image and only just saved it as a cropped image. So I will use Save As option. This option will only save the cropped image and my main image will be fine. So I will save this image as a JPEG picture because a JPEG file is a small size file.

pictures of crops

Figure: Save as JPEG file

So now I will save the image to my desktop New folder before saving the image I will rename it. I gave the image name is bluegreen. I will check this image has it really saved or not in my particular directory. Ok, yes my cropped image has successfully been saved in my New folder.

crop the image
crop the picture

Figure: Rename image and saved to the desktop new folder

So this is the method of How to Crop an Image in MS Paint. I showed you the free picture cropping method by using MS Paint. If you find this blog post is really helpful please leave a comment in the comment box. I will try to reply to your comment promptly. Your comment makes me happy to write a new blog post like this. So please stay tuned with me.


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